Computer vision and object detection technology has many widespread applications. Learn how to create object detection software using Python in this hands-on object detection course

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Course Duration and Method

Instructor-led sessions | 8 hours | Live online


Course Overview

The objective of this object detection course is to equip participants with the basic skillsets to create object detection software


This object detection course is a beginner-friendly course with no pre-requisites.  However participants must be willing to learn computer programming in Python.  Experience in computer programming and Python skills would be an added advantage.

Who should attend this Object Detection Course

Anyone wishing to learn about computer vision and object detection

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this object detection course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand basic concepts of computer vision
  • List common computer vision terms
  • Use Python to access computer vision libraries
  • Use Python for basic and intermediate techniques in computer vision
  • Use Python for traditional and deep learning object detection techniques
  • Apply the skills learned during the course in a case study

Object Detection Course Outline

  • Introduction to Computer Vision (CV) – this module covers basic concepts of computer vision, various techniques and CV Engineer lifecycle
  • Setup of Python & OpenCV Environment – this module covers installation and creating a project, setting up packages
  • Basic Techniques – this module covers image loading and manipulation
  • Intermediate Techniques – this module covers intermediate techniques such as capturing image from video
  • Object Detection (Traditional) – this module covers traditional techniques
  • Object Detection (Deep Learning) – this module covers deep learning techniques
  • Case Study – participants will employ the skills learned in a case study

Elite Instructors

Our instructors are committed to providing you personalised feedback to help you develop your skillsets

Dr Mark Chia

BEng (Hons), BSc, PhD, CEng, MIET, SMIEEE

Mark is a thought leader in data science and is passionate about the data science ecosystem. He is a firm believer in talent development and sits on the advisory boards of various universities. He is also a member of advisory panels in various organisations.

Before launching Mobius, Mark was the Director of Data at Astro. He was responsible for the integration, utilisation and monetisation of data across the Astro Group. He brought together the disciplines of data management, visualisation and advanced analytics to generate value for Astro. Prior to Astro, Mark helmed the graduate and internship programmes at SAS. He has worked in data science and IT for over 15 years with various overseas companies.

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Upskill to the next level by learning about computer vision in this object detection course!

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1. Why should I attend this Course?

Computer vision and object detection is becoming more and more relevant today and is envisaged to have many widespread applications.  Learning these skillsets would give you the basics of understanding computer vision and object detection and enable you to continue delving deeper into this exciting area!

2. Are there any pre-requisites for this Course?

This is a beginner-friendly course with no pre-requisites.  However participants must be willing to learn computer programming in Python.  Experience in computer programming and Python skills would be an added advantage.

3. Will I receive a Certificate on completion?

Yes, upon passing the Course you will receive an Object Detection 101 Certificate!

4. I am working full-time. Do you have evening sessions?

Yes!  Our Course Schedule also takes into account the needs of full-time employees.  You can choose to attend the evening sessions.

5. How do I enroll for this Course?

It’s simple!  Click the ‘Enrol Now’ button and fill in the information and click the ‘Submit’ button.  Our Enrolment team will contact you shortly with the Booking Form

6. Who we are

Mobius Group is a data science company based in Malaysia offering industry relevant data science courses and services. One of our missions is to help individuals and organisations understand data and apply the knowledge for industry and organisational effectiveness. Mobius Group provides data science courses for upskilling, reskilling and affordable access to data science solutions for industry and SMEs in Malaysia and around the region.